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Lawkit is a compilation of the daily legal events, judgements, concepts and dimensions. Since virtual learning is the new norm, these handouts aim to guide you through all major legal updates.
The Monthly Lawkit is a thematic monthly roundup that gives you a tour into procedures of law, informational interviews of renowned educationists and legal practitioners, significant concepts and provisions of law and lastly a sneak peak into Wordict's upcoming events and competitions. It's a succinct booklet for your legal reference which also highlights socio-legal issues that surround us during this crisis. 
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Cover Story: 
• Giving a fresh start to your week, our cover story aims to display a unique social theme highlighting the contemporary times. Not only it draws attention to what's happening around but creates a thought worth revisiting.

 Case List:
• We focus on providing you with a set of prominent weekly case laws that have not just contributed to jurisprudence but have equally impacted our socio-economic system.

 Know the Law:
•This section deals with the relevant legal concepts and provisions of an Act varying across diverse areas of law that enable a better understanding and wider interpretation.


 Informational Interview:
•One's experiences and journey defines the person they become. Keeping that in mind, we have introduced this section to give you a sneak peak into some extraordinary and candid journeys of renowned legal practitioners and educationalists. 

 Important Legal Updates and Case List: 
•Brushing up facts and law can be tough at times when you have ample platforms to stroll through. Through this section, we aim to provide you with a brief analysis of current legal events, announments, orders and schemes to end your search and keep you legally sound. 
We also focus on providing you with a set of prominent cases that have not just contributed to jurisprudence but have equally impacted our socio-economic system.

 Case Briefs: 
•Certain cases or judgements have contributed immensely to our jurisprudence in a way that they become precedents to future legal predicaments. This section briefly discusses the breakthrough landmark judgements that a law student is bound to learn and remember.

•Theory and practice can be distinguished as substantive and procedural. Today, they collectively define the Indian legal system. This section particularly gives you an insight of the legal procedures; steps to follow, prerequisites and rules and regulations to comply with.

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