“The difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter is a matter of perspective. It all depends on the observer and the verdict of history.”


Having a peculiar yet factual perspective or being politically opinionated is the need of the hour today. Knowing one’s rights, duties and remedies, inter alia, the existing wrongs and prejudices, is an asset worth possessing. Someone has rightly propounded, “one wise man’s verdict outweighs all the fools.” In order to count yourself out of the hysterical mob, one needs to inhibit the ultimate weapon of knowledge and coherence. Essentially, if you’re entering the legal profession, tuning yourself with the laws and their interpretation is a must. Interpretation is what differentiates knowledge and skill; to master it, is itself an art.  


Having said that,

The team of Wordict, believes in empowering all ages with not mere information but essentially the ‘LegalEyes’ to scrutinize the specious and authenticate thought processes with logistic arguments. We trust the legal fraternity and its capabilities to shape the future of not just this country but the entire world. Wordict is not just a blog but an arena of thoughts which stands to be the phoenix of critical theories and logically tilted minds. 



An initiative by a trio of law students, aims to bring forth a platform, where we decode the law, to ease understanding and manifest diverse views. We take the responsibility to provide efficient written content in the form of case briefs, op-eds, legal articles and socio- legal issues, to  help the readers imbibe a habit of analysing and better decision making.


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